Our Mission

SEEDS Educational Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit     organization whose mission is to assist people with intellectual disabilities to build meaningful relationships by relating effectively with others in their community.

SEEDS was established in 1987 by Stacy Everson, R.N. in response to the growing number of sexual abuse cases involving people with developmental disabilities.  Research indicates that people with developmental disabilities are at high risk of being sexually and physically abused.  Even more alarming is that statistics show  the perpetrators of the abuse are trusted by and well known to the victim.  When Ms. Everson inquired about what was being done to teach people with developmental disabilities how to protect themselves and prevent sexual assault, she learned that no agencies existed to provide preventative services.  Ms. Everson began building what has become SEEDS Educational Services, Inc. by enlisting self-advocates serving as speakers, partnering with volunteers, and various educational consultants to help create, implement, and evaluate curricula specializing in personal safety for people with developmental disabilities.

SEEDS has continued to grow by collaborating with national organizations such as FEMA, Oklahoma State University (OSU) and Home Safety Council to create personal and fire safety curricula.